This event has now finished. 

Have you ever wondered what air pollution looks like? We hear about it all the time but it's hard to really understand when you can't see the problem. That's why we've created an interactive pop-up Pollution Pavilion to help visualise the issue. 

Where Did it All Start?

The Pollution Pavillion is part of our 'Air We Share' campaign to raise awareness and inspire action against air pollution. We launched it in 2019, with research into the effect 10 different daily routines had on an individual's exposure to air pollution. Read about the experiment and surprising results here. 

Over 80% of us in the UK are concerned about our air quality, and rightly so with the UK not matching World Health Organisation guidelines and limits. We're hoping to spark a national conversation about the issue, encourage everyone to take more actions and we'd love you to be a part of it. 

Visit the Pollution Pavilion 

The Pollution Pavilion is an interactive and immersive art installation that has landed in the Covent Garden Piazza in the heart of London. It will be here for two weeks, and no booking is needed, entry is free. 

When: 8 am to 8 pm, 14th - 26th January 2020

Where: Covent Garden Piazza, London

Come along to explore the issue of air pollution, as well as having a go at our air pollution quiz - one lucky person will be chosen to win a Bromptom B75 bike! 

The Hubbub Team will be dotted around the installation as well, so drop by and say hello to us. We'd love a chat about anything from the best routes you can take for better air, to how you can write to your MP about pollution. 

Want to Clear the Air?

If you can't make it down to Covent Garden, don't worry! We'll be posting lots of photos and videos for you to see, and there are still lots of other steps you can take to help. 

One of the biggest contributors to air pollution are more vehicles on the road, so leaving your car at home is the best daily action you can take. Using public transport, walking or cycling instead not only reduces your impact, but is even proven to reduce your exposure to pollution too. 

Read 5 things we can do about air pollution here. 

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