Want a chance to win this fantastic matching set of reusables? Whether it’s coffee, cake or a 3 course meal, these items are great for storing our leftovers and a keeping your drink hot or cold wherever you are. Try using only reusable wraps and boxes for the next month, see you later cling film!

What’s the prize?  2 Sho water bottles, 4 Lock&Lock food containers made from recycled plastic, 2 Beeutiful Wrap reusable food wraps (along with wax kits to refresh them) 2 reusable  Ecoffee coffee cups, and a pair of shiny metal straws. One for you and one for a friend! 

How do you enter? All you have to do is tag a friend on one of the competition posts on either Instagram OR Facebook, and sign up to the Hubbub Newsletter below. Then you’ll be automatically entered.  

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Read the Terms & Conditions here for more info.  

P.S If you win and you’ve already got some of these, please share the love and pass them on to another friend who doesn’t know how great reusables are yet!

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