Want to save time and money? Your freezer can help you. From curries to bread and sweet treats, here are six healthy 'ready meals' that are easy to make in advance and freeze for a later date, keeping both their nutrition and their flavour. This means you can get busy cooking when you have some time, freeze, and have healthy tasty meals ready for when life gets busy.

1) Thai green mixed vegetable curry 

This aromatic curry is super easy if you grab a curry paste from your local supermarket, and all you have to do on the day is boil some fresh rice. If you want to be even more prepared, you can actually freeze cooked rice as well, as long as you seal the container and freeze as soon as possible after cooking.  


2) Nutty protein balls 

Protein balls are the perfect healthy snack. You can change up the ingredients to suit your taste and what you have in the cupboard. Roll them into balls then freeze ready to defrost for when you need a little boost.


3) Indian cauliflower and chickpea curry 

With less than 10 ingredients including the spices, this curry is easy to whip up and can be used with wraps or roti bread that can also be frozen till needed.  


4) Mexican three bean chilli 

This chilli is always a crowd pleaser, it can be eaten straight, thrown on rice or nachos, and if you want to fancy it up when serving, we’ve got two words for you – chopped herbs.   


5) Irish soda bread with fennel seeds

Whether it's homemade banana bread or shop bought bread, you could slice it before you freeze to keep a constant supply of bread ready to toast fresh, if needed. Why not try this Irish soda bread with fennel seeds.



6) Risotto of pumpkin and parmesan

Use all of a pumpkin or butternut squash (including the skin) to make this restaurant standard risotto. It will freeze really well, but make sure you reheat all of it until piping hot before enjoying.


These plant-based recipes are simple, healthy and hearty, and work out much cheaper than buying from a shop or a takeaway. They will all last well for a few months in your freezer, and can be defrosted slowly by leaving out on the day for a few hours. Remember to portion the food out into containers before freezing if you don’t want to defrost it all at once.  

You can freeze lots of ingredients and fresh foods as well, if you don't have a chance to cook with them. Find out more below.