So you’re Easy Going? The world could need more people like you. Here are some simple, no hassle ways to cut down on water. 


Feeling quite fresh and wondering if a shower is necessary? Freshen up with a quick wash and some dry shampoo in the mornings rather than jumping in the shower - your skin and hair will thank you, as will your water bills.


Air your clothes – save time on washing by hanging up your clothes as soon as you take them off, and spray on a whiff of clothes freshener if needed. This will save extra time on washing, drying and ironing, with a bonus of making your clothes last longer! 


Great news: using a dishwasher can use less water than washing up by hand. Make sure it's stacked full before turning it on. Check if your machine has a short or eco-setting for an even more effective wash. If you wash up by hand, leave dishes to soak in a washing-up bowl and do them all in one go at the end of the day. Less hassle, less water. 

Teeth cleaning

Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth saves 6 litres per minute - yikes. Find it hard to remember to turn the tap off? Try leaving the bathroom while brushing your teeth to have a sit down. Simply wet your toothbrush, turn off the tap and take a moment to yourself. Don't forget to head back to the bathroom to spit and swill when you’re finished though. 


Would you share a flush? Toilets use almost a third of water in the home. So if you don’t mind letting the yellow mellow, sharing a flush is a super simple way of saving water. If you have a dual flush toilet, make sure you use the right button. If you have a single-flush tilt, then a save-a-flush bag can magically reduce each flush by 1.2 litres. Click through to order one here. 

Install water saving gadgets

There are loads of water saving gadgets that can help you save water. Why not use a water jug to cool down water in the fridge and save time waiting for the water to get cold?

Contact your water supplier to see what items they offer and get saving. 


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