Since 2018, we've been trialling ways to boost on-street recycling and save valuable materials from going to waste. Following successful projects in Leeds, Swansea and Edinburgh we're now rolling out our fourth on-the-go recycling project in Dublin. The six month trial will apply the latest thinking on behaviour change and making recycling easy to make Dublin becomes the first #CircleCity in Ireland.

Whats the issue?

That's why we're making Dublin a #CircleCity and have kitted out the city centre with a new fleet of eye-catching recycling bins, ready to be fed with empty plastic bottles and cans. As well as providing the means to recycle, we'll be engaging the public on the basics of recycling so they can use the new bins correctly.

What can I put in the bins?

Keep hold of your plastic bottles and cans and recycle them in one of the yellow bins across the city centre. Make sure they're empty - leftover liquid can contaminate the recycling meaning the whole lot may go to waste.

Remember: clean dry and loose. And.. If in doubt, leave it out!

Where can I recycle?

For the Google map of the bins click here

I love it! How can I get involved?

The best thing you can do is to get informed about how to recycle properly and spread the word – in person and on social media using the #CircleCity hashtag. The more people learn about the campaign and how to recycle properly, the better.

And make sure you recycle at home too! Find out more at

 If you have ideas of you or your organisation could support the campaign get in touch with [email protected].