So you’re a Day Dreamer? Good on you. Here are some dreamy ways to cut down on water. 


A favourite place to daydream, but also one where a lot of water gets wasted. Shortening your shower by just a minute saves heaps of water, and leaves you more time to daydream other places. A shower timer is a great way to keep track of how long you spend in the shower. If your water supplier is Affinity Water you can order one here, or try the KLOCKIS timer from IKEA.


It's easy to forget to do washes regularly - but you're in luck! Waiting for a full load of laundry before doing a wash saves water, finally a reason to forget. Save water even further by airing your clothes out instead of washing them - it will help them last longer and save you money, water and time on washes. Make sure to hang them up as soon as you take them off.


Doing the dishes doesn't tend to be people's favourite activity, but doing it together can make it more fun. Leave dishes to soak in a washing-up bowl and do them together in the evening. Using a bowl rather than leaving the tap running uses 60% less water. If you have a dishwasher always stack it fully before running it and use an eco-setting if available. Experiment with different settings and see what works for you. Remember that a full dishwasher uses less water than washing up by hand.

Teeth cleaning

Brushing your teeth is meditative and prime time for minds to wander. Avoid using more water than needed, fill up a cup, turn off the tap and use the cup to swirl and rinse. In case you have other daydreamers in the family why not leave a post it or message on the sink to remind them to turn the tap off.


Do you tend to daydream while on the toilet? Then you’re not a-loo-ne. If you have a dual flush toilet it's worth remembering to use the little button for wee’s as this uses half the amount of water. If you have a single flush toilet it's even easier: order a save a flush bag fro your water supplier and this little helper will save you 1.2 litres per flush.What a dream!


A well-placed reminder can be a daydreamer's best friend. Put a post-it on your bathroom mirror to remember to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, or leave a sticker on the dual flush toilet to remember which button should be pressed for what.


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