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Re-home your old phone 

The pandemic has brought new challenges to the 7 million people in the UK that don't have access to the internet, and Community Calling is a practical way to support these individuals both during Covid-19 and thereafter, as well as tackling e-waste. It's simple: you donate your old smartphone, we clean it, data-wipe it and redistribute it to someone in need. Each recipient receives 12-months' free data provided by O2 and access to free digital skills training. So far, we've re-homed almost 4000 smartphones, but with 28 million more going unused in people's homes, we need your help to reach our target of 10,000.

Does your old phone qualify? 

Your old phone must:

  • Be a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android)
  • Not have a cracked screen or back
  • Hold charge

If you have a charger for it, please send it but it's not necessary. All good? Sign up below to receive a freepost envelope or download a freepost label if you have a padded envelope handy. Please check out what to do with your phone before posting. Once done, pop the envelope in a post box, no need to go to the post office! 



    Other ways to get involved

    If you don't have a spare phone, you could gift someone data instead:

    Please select a donation amount (required)

    Thanks for being a part of Community Calling. 

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