Where do phones go once they have been gifted to Community Calling?

Our smartphone gifting project sees old smartphones rehomed with new, and otherwise digitally excluded, owners. For some, it’s the first phone they’ve ever had. For others, it’s the first time with a phone that connects to the internet so they can access education sites, health advice, employment services, as well as connect with loved ones.  

We’ve worked with local community groups in 7 UK cities to identify people who will benefit most from a phone and with local councils to ensure everyone who receives a phone has adequate digital skills training to go with their device. Some examples of Community Calling beneficiaries are the elderly, asylum seekers, survivors of domestic abuse and those in low-income households. To find out more about the community groups we have worked with so far, check out the map of community groups at the bottom of this page.

Click on the names below to read the special stories of a few beneficiaries based in Manchester and London. Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the beneficiaries.

Which community groups are Community Calling working with?

This map is ever-changing as we continue to expand the campaign to more cities across the UK.