Museum of London, Hubbub and Pop Brixton are collaborating to raise awareness of food waste and promote prevention through a series of recipes, installations and events at Pop Brixton in January 2018.

The collaboration was inspired by the Museum of London’s current season of events, City Now City Future that looks at how citizens across the world can improve urban living for themselves and the environment. #CityNowCityFuture

We are looking for your food-saving story.

Recipe use

Your recipe will help Londoners to make the most of their food and connect with our city’s culinary diversity. 
Selected recipes will be printed and distributed across London, displayed in the Museum of London and Pop Brixton and circulated online. Each recipe will be connected to a different area of London and a unique kitchen tale.

The printed cards will be supported by a film and blog content alongside further recipes, tips for reducing waste and supporting information about partners and positive change in London.

Recipe brief

  • The recipe should focus on: either food waste prevention/preserving or a creative use of leftovers or a mix of the above i.e;
    - Novel ways of using common leftovers
- Preserving methods, such as pickling, fermenting, salting, curing, smoking, brining, making chutneys, jams, jellies and preserves. Other ways of cooking that extend a food’s lifespan
- Using unusual parts of animal or vegetable, such as offal parts, stalks or leaves
  • The recipes should be easily prepared by anyone with a basic kitchen and a willingness to have a go
  • Recipes should not involve or produce alcohol.
  • Please keep the recipe list short and accessible.
  • Avoid specialist or expensive ingredients, complicated processes and long prep/cooking time.
  • Please include prep time, cook time, servings, ingredients, method.
  • Ingredients should be listed in metric, °C, tsp and tbsp.
  • The recipe, inclusive of ingredient list, should be no more than 250 words.
  • Please include a short introductory blurb explaining your relationship to the recipe, (see notes on personal story below).

Personal story

We’d love to know what the recipe means to you, or what inspired it. Please write a short paragraph about the recipe and its culinary history. Please also say a little bit about yourself and your work. Approx. 100 words.


Once your recipe has been submitted we will we will arrange photography to get an image of you and your dish.

Social media

We will provide you with a pack of digital assets so that you will be able to promote the recipe card or the campaign in general.

Next steps

1) Express your interest –tell us about the dish, its culinary heritage and food saving potential
2) Return your recipe to [email protected] by the 21st November 2017
3) We’ll also arrange a suitable time for someone to come and photograph you with your dish.
4) Your recipe will be proudly on display at Pop Brixton and promoted within City Now City Future activities.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.