Where would Christmas be without a pudding? Currants and raisins, sugar and spice, Orange peel, lemon peel—everything nice. However if you tire of this precious pud, don’t let it sit neglected, freeze it in time, and transform into a delicious ice-cream in the summer months. Continue the Christmas spirit by daring to dash in a splash o' leftover rum or whiskey. A cheat's version of Rum and Raisin using leftover Christmas Pudding by Love Food, Hate Waste. 


125g leftover Christmas pudding, crumbled.

150ml chilled ready made custard.

150ml double cream, whipped.

Liquor such as branch, rum, whisky or Baileys.


  1. Mix together the custard and whipped cream then stir in the crumbled Christmas pudding. Freeze in a large Tupperware container and stir every half hour or so until it's the consistency you want.
  2. For a softer freeze, add a little brandy or leftover Christmas liquor such as rum, whisky or Baileys.

Recipe provided by Love Food Hate Waste.