Tinfoil, tape and socks - but like you’ve never used them before! Energy bills are on the rise, so we’re looking for any ideas to help save that little bit more.⁠

⁠Making big changes to your home - such as insulation, double glazing or upgrading your heating system - can be really expensive! 😟 So, we’ve got some of the cheapest and easiest DIY alternatives to help with insulation.

1) Radiator reflectors

These help to reflect heat back into your home instead of letting it be absorbed by the wall, and all you need is some cardboard and tinfoil (check out our reel on how to do it!) ⁠

2) Secondary glazing

This is a cheaper version of double glazing as you add a second layer on your window rather than replacing and refitting the whole thing. You can get different quality ones, but the cheapest is thin plastic film or panels you can buy online. ⁠

3) Insulation tape

This pretty cheap tape and it can go around the edges of your window frames to stop draughts.

4) DIY draught excluders

You can create your own draught excluders with old fabric and socks, and they’ll help keep heat in and draughts out. (check out our reel on how to do it!) ⁠

5) Your letterboxes

Letterboxes might be a forgotten space that is letting cold air in! You can buy specific brush or flap draught excluders for this. ⁠

6) Heating water

This is a huge energy sucker, and an insulation blanket will cost £10-£20 and is a one off investment to help keep your water hot for less. ⁠

Hungry for more? 

We've got plenty more tips for keeping your home cosy without raising the costs. Did you know your digital footprint such as email inbox and photo gallery can be a huge source of energy use too?