To use up leftover sprouts we would suggest embracing the strong flavour of these brassicas (one of the finest vegetable species in our opinion, yielding cultivars such as broccoli, savoy cabbage and the still hip kale) by making them into a dip.


Leftover cooked sprouts

Milk and thick yoghurt/creme fraiche as desired

Cider vinegar



Take any leftover cooked sprouts, slice them in half lengthways and heat cut face down on a griddle or heavy pan over a high heat. Re-cook the sprouts in this way until they are partly charred on the underside. You don't want them to be totally blackened, but a good strong char will give a great flavour. Whilst still warm, blend the charred sprouts in a food processor or blender with enough warmed milk to form a thick puree. Mix your choice of creme fraiche or thick (e.g. Greek-style) yoghurt into the puree, to add richness and dairy tang. Add a little at a time and stop when you have a balance that you like, there are no rules here. Finally season with a little cider vinegar and salt to taste.

Recipe provided by Mike Knowlden of Blanch & Shock
Photo provide by SavvyChristine.