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Hubbub has undertaken structured conversations with over 200 influential businesses and organisations to explore what this crisis means for them.  

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What’s clear is that they have changed their working practices incredibly rapidly and many reported that COVID-19 had actually accelerated trends that were already slowly building within their strategies.  

Several trends emerged... 

The importance of purpose

Companies with a  clear sense of social and environmental purpose have been able to respond quickly to the change of circumstances. Those companies that have a strong connection with their suppliers, employees and customers have fared better than others.

Companies that have a strong sense of purpose have managed to shift their business model quicker. Brands that have a clear sense of who they are, are finding it easier to be agile during this time. 

Global Consultancy Firm 

A new focus on resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the danger of not planning sufficiently for a known and significant risk. Resilience has become the new watchword. Progressive companies are taking a broad view of resilience ensuring that they retain their ambitious climate targets and build models that can cope with climate shocks as well as future pandemics.

Putting people first

Progressive companies are putting the welfare of people at the heart of their strategy. Many are reporting the need for a new duty of care for employees, suppliers, customers and vulnerable sections of society.

We’ve seen social issues rocket up the agenda... We’re increasingly seeing the connection between social and environmental issues... we’re having frank conversations about who will be the winners and losers of a Green Industrial Revolution.

Telecommunications Provider

Social responsibility has come to the fore

COVID-19 has exposed deep divides within society. People have rallied around those who work in the NHS, essential workers and the vulnerable. Many of these groups are also the most exposed to environmental degradation. COVID-19 has reinforced the need for companies to both integrate social and environmental policies and to build inclusivity and diversity hand-in-glove with ambitious environmental targets.

Sustainability has not gone away. Sustainability and purpose is more important than ever.

Multinational FMCG Brand

Responding to changing consumer values and habits

Consumer values have shifted, companies need to respond by demonstrating that they are putting people first, that their supply chains are fair and that they are committed to improving environmental performance.  

In the face of a deep recession, it will be tempting for businesses to retract to their core business, to reduce costs and shorten planning horizons. Our research suggests that the most progressive companies will take a more ambitiousoutlookand these will be the ones that will flourish as the lockdowns ease. 

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