So you’re a Busy Bee? Here are some super speedy ways to save water, time and if you’re on a water meter, money too.


We’re sure you get the job done pretty quickly already, but shortening your shower by just 1 minute can save you a minute and loads of water too. Use a shower timer to keep track of time – most water suppliers will send you one for free, or try this one from IKEA. Ready, set, shower!


Laundry can take a lot of time, but do you really need to wash your clothes after each wear? Try hanging them up to air, and you might find that it's enough. Not only will you save time on washing, drying, folding, ironing, washing clothes less makes them last longer, saving you money and a trip to the shops. 


Dirty dishes piling up, but no time to wash them? Good news: using a dishwasher is more efficient than washing up by hand, if stacked full before running. If you do wash up by hand, try soaking dishes in a washing-up bowl before returning to them later. This will make them easier to watch and also gives you a clear conscience for leaving them in the sink for a bit. 

Teeth cleaning

Did you know that leaving the tap on when brushing your teeth splices away 6 litres per minute? This must seem a waste for an efficient person like you. 

Turn the tap off and you're free to pack your bag or prepare your lunch while brushing - multitasking like a pro! 


Toilets use almost a third of water in the home, yet there’s a loo-t you can to flush less. If you have a dual-flush toilet make sure you always use the little button for liquids and the big button for other things. Not only will this save you water, it's also good mind practice that will help you stay on top of your game. Be even more efficient by not flushing in the night or when several people go after each other. If sharing a flush isn’t your thing then order a save-the-flush bag from your water supplier – this ingenious gadget will reduces each flush by 1.2 litres.


Always in a rush in the mornings? Save time by swapping a long shower for a spray of dry shampoo. Not only will this save you time, it will also lead to stronger, healthier hair as it allows natural oils to self-clean.

You can find many dry shampoos for different hair types and with different smells to help you have healthier hair and a happier water bill. Our favourite is "No Drought" from LUSH.


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