Hubbub’s imaginative programmes enable ambitious corporates to help their employees live more sustainably, both at work and at home. 

With activities ranging from inspiring webinars and away days, through to long-term behaviour change campaigns, we will bring your sustainability strategy to life, making it relevant to the whole workforce and enabling everyone to contribute. 

What’s the issue? 

Many businesses make strong commitments to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental sustainability in particularbut they find it challenging to engage employees in activities that put those values into practice. With many companies moving from energy-efficient HQs to inefficient home offices, there is a greater desire than ever to inspire staff to live more sustainably, and to find new ways to bring them togetherAt Hubbub whelp people adopt ways of living that are good for the environment – and to have fun along the way.  

How can we work together? 

Hubbub’s campaigns and activities give employees the tools and know-how to become environmental change agents - experimenting within the bounds of the organisation to creatively solve problems together! 

We’ll work together to make meaningful change in society through short, impactful campaigns. Think workshops, expert panels, pressing discussions, pop-ups, creative activations, helpful giveaways... Hubbub also provides research and expertise to help boost internal communications 

We’ll do this... 

  1. Identify and explore trends in the sector. 
  2. Work with you closely to support your sustainability goals.  
  3. Design effective programmes using behaviour change expertise. 
  4. Give employees opportunities to learn, participate, volunteer. 
  5. Help employees build a sense of active citizenship. Time to take responsibility for green behaviour both at work and beyond! 
  6. Empower collective vision to build a stronger and more effective society. 
  7. Inspire ways of living that are good for the environment! 

"The engagement and delivery was superb - I do not think there was anything Hubbub could have done better." Chris Middleton, Marsh & McLennan Companies 


We tried something new with KPMG to engage their staff in environmental sustainability whilst tackling employee isolation in a distributed workforce (with all this working from home). They set out to help their employees be more resourceful and sustainable at their home offices (and keep them connected!) We designed the #LiveSavvy Championship to fit the brief. 

Over 250 KPMG employees signed up to take on five weeks of super fun challenges - picking up life-long skills with lasting impact. 

  • Switching to a renewable energy provider saved the emissions required to fly return from London to Tokyo 3 times 
  • Checking for leaks to save up to 126,750 litres of water 
  • Eating seasonally and growing from windowsills) 
  • Improving the efficiency of freezers to prevent 60kg of carbon emissions 
  • Swapping to plant-based meals to save the amount of energy required to charge 7,652 smartphones! 

“It was fun, educational, inspirational and impactful. I loved the way it encouraged us to not just think about our own impact and how we could help, but encouraged a sense of community and sharing. A very well put together project.” - Neil Eustice Diversity & Knowledge Manager at KPMG UK  


Investec began working with Hubbub in 2018 to boost employee engagement with sustainability. Together, we equip hundreds of colleagues with tools and information to take part in measurable activities and communications, and design programmes on issues most relevant to people's everyday lives, like plastics and fashionWe also support all of Investec Sustainability’s internal communications, and write uplifting monthly newsletters that reach over 3,500 employees (yearly) on a hyper-relevant mix of news and trends that receive an open rate of over 25%.