Hubbub announces winners for the Plastic Fishing Tour

A new punt made from 99% recycled plastic will be travelling to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and central Scotland as part of a national Plastic Fishing tour. The tour, which runs from April to June, will raise awareness of plastic pollution in UK Rivers and canals.Read more

Hubbub announces new Air Quality partnership with King's College London

How does exposure to poor air change across different daily routines? Hubbub is partnering with King’s College London to find out by tracking the personal exposure of ten Londoners over seven days.Read more

Recycling on the high street: lessons from Leeds

#LeedsByExample, the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-street recycling, has been running for just over four months. Here are five things we have learned to-date.Read more

New business partnership to cut exposure to air pollution

Despite mounting evidence of the harmful impact that poor air quality is having on our health, there is little concerted activity to raise public awareness. Hubbub aims to fill this void by promoting on-going behaviour change and creatively using street architecture to positively engage people.Read more

Hubbub announces national Plastic Fishing Tour

With thanks to Starbucks and the Mirror Group, we're building and giving away our next Plastic Fishing punt, made from 99% recycled plastic. Will your town be next to host Plastic Fishing trips?Read more

Can #LeedsByExample boost recycling on the High Street?

One month ago, Hubbub launched the UK’s biggest collaborative effort to boost high street recycling in Leeds. Here are five early findings from the campaign.Read more

UK’s biggest collaboration to improve recycling on the go

The UK gets through 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 2.5 billion coffee cups each year and so much isn't recycled. #LeedsByExample launches with 24 collaborators to improve recycling on the go.Read more

Can an unusual biker brake the cycle of litter?

A sculpture made from bike-related litter rides into the Forest of Dean to raise awareness on the issue of littering.Read more

The surprising benefits of an inspiration alley

Oldham residents transformed three alleyways from unusable and fly-tipped area into safe community spaces. Could this be a catalyst for change across the whole of Oldham?Read more

Plastic Fishing expands thanks to Starbucks 5p coffee cup charge

From today Starbucks will be charging 5p for disposable cups which will be donated to Hubbub. We've got exciting plans for the money including a new plastic fishing boat.Read more