Hubbub reveals results of plastic free lunch campaign

Is it possible to help employees change lunchtime habits to cut plastic use, eat more healthily and save money? We launched the Plastic Free Lunch Club to find out. Read more

Hubbub to double the number of Community Fridges

We're so excited to announce plans to double the size of the world’s first Community Fridge Network from 50 to 100 fridges by the end of 2020. Read more

What I learnt going vegan for the week

Is veganism hitting the mainstream? Our vlogger Sarah Divall went to find out, read about her experiences and check out the brand new video Read more

Is 2019 the year of the climate conscious diet?

A couple of years back very few people would have connected eating a burger with the impact it has on climate change but things have changed dramatically. Could the new 'Planetary Health Diet’ avert global environmental catastrophe? Read more

Introducing #NEFFKitchenLove

How can we tackle household food waste in a way that involves the whole family? #NEFFKitchenLove launched on National Grandparents' Day is encouraging young and old to share skills and pass on favourite family recipes. Read more

Getting Food Savvy in East Anglia

With the average East Anglian family wasting £810 of edible food per year, Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils have joined forces with Hubbub to fight food waste in the region Read more

A meaty challenge

We have to confront the fact that the rate at which we are eating meat is not sustainable but it's a thorny issue for environmental groups. Read more

Hubbub launches food waste partnership

To celebrate Stop Food Waste Day, we're delighted to announce a new partnership with Compass Group UK & Ireland and Winnow, exploring ways to reduce ’plate waste’ from corporate and university restaurants. Read more

How are Community Fridges different to Food Banks?

Community Fridge have captured the nation's imagination and are springing up in communities across the UK. However there is growing confusion about the role the fridges should play in addressing food poverty. We thought it would be useful to outline how Community Fridges differ from Food Banks, and why we think it’s important to frame them differently. Read more

Hubbub announces new ‘Meat Your Match’ partnership

On current trends, meat and dairy consumption is predicted to double by 2050. We're launching a series of new campaigns helping people to follow a more plant-based diet. Read more

Are Community Fridges the start of a sharing revolution?

We're delighted to announce that grant funding from the Big Lottery will enable us to set up 70 Community Fridges over the next three years. Read more