Refresh your wardrobe this fashion revolution week

The UK loves fashion. And whilst fashion is a powerful tool of self-expression and identity, it shouldn’t cost the Earth. Here are our top tips for refreshing your wardrobe this fashion revolution week. Read more

Sustainable fashion for every budget

Looking for ethical fashion that is affordable? We’ve put together a hitlist of our favourite designers and brands for every budget so that you can get your fashion kicks in a sustainable way. Read more

Is fast fashion spooking the planet?

In 2017 an estimated 39 million people in the UK dressed up for Halloween, and 4 in 10 costumes are worn only once. #SewSpooky encourages people to swap, rewear or make a DIY costume that won't spook the planet. Read more

Hubbub launches #WhatsInMyWash campaign

There 's growing concern about plastics ending up in rivers and oceans. Straws, coffee cups, cosmetics, wet wipes and even tea bags are being viewed in a new light. But what about our clothes? #WhatsInMyWash? Read more

Can the fashion industry become sustainable?

Our fashion hub has been the hardest and it's been difficult to have impact at scale. Awareness that change is needed has increased but major break throughs seem a way off. Here are five things we've learned. Read more

Hubbub and Mothercare set ambitious target for circular economy campaign

#GiftABundle Mother's Day campaign aims to redistribute 65,000 pieces of outgrown baby clothing to support UK families. Read more

Nudging people away from fast fashion

For three years Hubbub has been exploring how to change our addiction to fast fashion. It has been our biggest challenge. Most of the large retailers are hooked on ever shorter fashion seasons. With no obvious alternative business model available to mainstream retailers, Hubbub has explored how we can nudge people away from fast fashion. Read more

Is the way we value our wardrobes changing?

Every year millions of unwanted or unworn clothes are tossed into landfill and while we’re all becoming familiar with the adage ‘buy less, but better’, what if we stopped buying at all? We take a look at some of the top fashion sharing and swapping apps. Read more

Hubbub launches #SewSpooky

This year in the UK consumers are set to spend £510 million on Halloween costumes, with 4 in 10 worn only once. We're launching #SewSpooky to cut textiles waste at Halloween. Read more

Hubbub trials Street Store

We've been working with Sainsbury’s to encourage people to extend the life of their clothes. Over the May Bank Holiday, we brought the first 'Street Store' to the South Derbyshire town of Swadlincote, encouraging residents to swap, style and sew their way to a new wardrobe. Read more

Five lessons from #GiftABundle

We've just wrapped up our 2017 #GiftABundle campaign which resulted in 20,000 pieces of baby clothing being given to local charities. Following this we're reflecting on: working with large retailers, clothing redistribution and supporting families. Read more

Launching the #GiftABundle campaign with Mothercare

Our latest research found UK homes are crammed full of 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing. #GiftABundle makes it easy to pass on good quality clothing to support families at Mother's Day. Read more