Last week Hubbub was delighted to pick up the Green Business Award for best marketing campaign. It is the eighth award the charity has won in just over two years, testimony to what can be achieved by a small, highly dedicated team. We work best when we set big challenges. So, here are the five questions we will be seeking to answer in the coming months.

1) How can we persuade UK households to save water?

Saving water is not a top priority for most household, and why should it be? We live in a country that often experiences high rainfall, those not on a meter have no financial incentive, and, anyway, shouldn’t the water companies be doing more to cut leaks?

Unfortunately, we have just had the driest winter in a decade, the UK population is growing and rainfall is increasingly erratic. WWF recently reported that a quarter of UK rivers are at threat of running dry.

In July, Hubbub will be launching a new campaign with Affinity Water calling on people to come clean about their hidden water habits. Why for example do women with children spend longer in the shower than those who have no children? Is it their bolt-hole, their equivalent to a man’s shed? More surprising habits will be revealed during the campaign

2) How can you encourage more people to recycle batteries?

The UK has a fantastic network of battery recycling points, available to most households at major retailers. However, these collection points are often hard to locate and people are not aware of how important it is, both environmentally and financially, to recycle batteries.

In October, alongside compliance body EcoSurety, we will be launching #BringBackHeavyMetal, which asks retailers to unite behind a tongue-in-cheek press and social media campaign calling on UK households to delve through kitchen drawers and bring in used batteries to collection points for recycling.

3) Can we build a recycled plastic boat?

We are increasingly concerned about the amount of plastics in our waterways. We know that PET plastic bottles are relatively easy to recycle and are under-utilised as a resource. In an attempt to clean up our waterways and promote the circular economy, we are seeking to build a boat from recycled plastic bottles that can be used on plastic fishing trips to take discarded litter out of our waterways. With the help of an array of eccentric British designers we think this is possible. Watch out for further news in September.

4) Can we cut the blight of fly-tipping?

We have spent a number of days in Oldham seeking to understand what are the underlying drivers that contribute to a growing level of fly-tipping. This issue is of huge concern to local communities and is a truly complex challenge driven by a broad range of social factors. Based on our interviews and research we have developed an array of solutions and will be working with a number of communities to measure impact over the coming months.

5) Can we encourage people to eat more sustainably?

Hubbub has undertaken extensive research looking at how we can encourage people to explore more varied diets with less reliance on meat. We know that this is hugely contentious, so we will be running a series of small social experiments testing different ways to persuade people to change their diet. We will then measure the impact of the tests, to see which have the greatest potential to succeed. To start, we will be holding a roundtable debate with interested companies to discuss our ideas and learn from their experience.

Who knows how successful we will be in trying to crack these complex conundrums. What I do know is that we will give it our best shot, will learn loads and will ensure that every campaign is pun-laden. If you want to partner on any of the above please get in touch.