Despite its rainy reputation, the South East of England receives a lot less rain than you might think – around the same as Melbourne, Australia. In fact, the combination of low annual rainfall, a dense population of high water users, and unpredictable weather has earned the South East the title of a water stressed area.

Even when it’s rainy and grey outside we need to use water wisely. The period from October to March is crucial for recharging groundwater supplies The amount of rainfall received during these months determines how much water that is available when demand spikes in the summer. Still, 2 in 3 people don’t think they could use less water if they had to, despite admitting to habits such as leaving the tap on when brushing their teeth.

To help shift how we value water, we’ve been inviting people to join the #TapChat about daily water habits and find simple ways to use less water that is relevant for their lifestyle. #TapChat has flowed through Watford, Harlow, Hertfordshire, and Sutton.

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What’s flowing through Dorking this autumn

We’ve teamed up with SES Water, Mole Valley District Council and Dorking Town Partnership to create a new conversation about water habits. Together we hope to support residents in saving a little water everyday because when we all save a little, Dorking can save a lot.

1) A splash of town-wide adverts

Playful, eye-catching adverts, posters and banners will flood Dorking this autumn to nudge people to rethink their daily water habits. Watch out for the adverts at Dorking Halls, Dorking Sports Centre, South Street Gardens and across local businesses and shops. Do you work in Dorking? Get in touch to receive a free poster for your offices or business.

2) #TapChat pop-up event, 26th October 2018

On Friday 26th October, people who live in Dorking can pick up free water saving goodies at St. Martin’s Walk Shopping Centre from 10am – 2pm. The #TapChat team will be on site to answer questions and offer personalised tips. Find out more

3) Free advice for Dorking residents

Ever wondered how your water use (or bills) compares to your neighbours? Take this Quiz to find out and look out for the 'show me how to save button' to find simple ways to save water and money. 


For your daily fill of quick & easy water saving tips follow #TapChat across social media. 

We’re excited to see the uptake in Dorking and will continue to share learnings from creating a #TapChat. Get in touch to find out more.

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Click here to read more about the #TapChat approach, find simple water saving tips and see where we're heading next. 

#TapChat Dorking is a water saving campaign supported by SES Water and delivered in partnership with Mole Valley District Council. The campaign is part of the wider #TapChat campaign developed in partnership with Affinity Water.