The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest crisis in a generation, impacting people’s ways of life like never before. People across the world have had tochange, adapt, and sacrifice.But in crisis comes hope.  

We have a unique chance to change things for the better. Just as the coronavirus crisis can spur us to build a more just and fairer world, we believe we can use it to deliver a greener and more sustainable one too. 


First, the response to this crisis will call for radical change, not least to build resilience so we are not at the mercy of external shocks. Undertaking previously unthinkable, green policies must be at the heart of this change. 

Second, a green recovery will mean green growth. Whether it’s creating the jobs of the future, supporting left behind communities, or levelling up our whole country, this can be the catalyst for positive economic change.  

Third, people want it. The pandemic has already transformed what we consider to be ‘normal’. Attitudes towards the environment have changed - over two thirds of people want to use cars less, and over 60% of people want to keep the air cleaner. The public don’t want to go backwards, rather 74% think it gives society the opportunity to change.  

We want to move forwards. Taken together,we may never get the opportunity to rebuild our country, society and economy like this again. 

The real question is, how?

It’s right before our eyes. Lockdown has changed everything. It’s altered the way we live, the way we travel, the way we eat, dress and use the space around us. It has been tough and changed many people’s lives irrevocably, but life in lockdown has also led to some changes in our lifestyles which are better for our wellbeing and better for the planet – whether it’s looking after our homes more, buying local food, walking instead of driving, enjoying local green spaces, or buying less fast fashion  

We need to harness these changes and cement them for our future good. This can only be done through unprecedented collaboration. Now is the time to bring together all sections of society behind a positive vision for a better Britain. 

Join the conversation 

This is why Hubbub is calling for your views on our Greenprint for a better Britain. This has been painstakingly shaped, building upon extensive public polling and curated workshops involving over 120 organisations who represent a huge swathe of society. It aims to set out a vision that can be taken to government providing practical ideas for a more just and sustainable UK.   

Greenprint for a better Britain 

Please do find the time to let us have your thoughts on how we can make this stronger and more compelling by emailing [email protected]. Once refined, we will reciculate asking whether your organisation would be willing to support the Greenprint, with the ambition of creating a uniquely broad range of organisations united behind a transformative change