Sometimes you hear surprising stories which are both heart warming and reassuring. In the summer we created and filmed a litter flash mob in Central London. The resulting Message Bin a Bottle video celebrated those people who put an empty plastic bottle into a nearby bin.

A Cornish charity saw the video and asked whether they could repeat the approach – we were delighted as giving stuff away is core to our philosophy. Their version of the same video attracted excellent local publicity and was sufficiently powerful to persuade three independent local cinemas to show it before their main films.

Such was the success of the campaign that Cornwall County Council agreed to part-fund a local post to run more local anti-litter campaigns. We are delighted for Clean Cornwall and it shows the power of a simple video on social media combined with a willingness to share ideas freely and openly.

Similarly, at the start of the year we produced a guide to running a Pumpkin Festival based on our experience in Oxford at Halloween 2014, as part of our Halloween food waste campaign Pumpkin rescue.

As a result this year 22 Pumpkin Festivals took place up and down the United Kingdom, led by brilliantly committed community groups, food groups and local authorities, all of which helped to raise awareness of food waste and divert pumpkins into people’s bellies rather than into landfill. If you're interested in joining the Pumpkin Rescue, get in touch.