‘Bathtime’ is a special bonding time for families, but when is the right time to make the transition to showering? And how do you get the little ones on board? Swapping baths for shorter showers is a great way to save time, effort and curb your family's water use too.

As part of the #TapChat about daily water habits, we've asked mum of two Charlotte to share her top tips for getting little ones to swap bath time for shower time.

1) Get creative

Watercolours and washable wall art are a great way for your children to have fun and be creative whilst they shower. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards - this is the one time I actually encourage mess!

2) Wear goggles

My daughter doesn’t like the water in her eyes, so that was a hurdle we had to overcome. By her bringing her swimming goggles into the shower she could enjoy shower time without irritating her eyes. Now I can say “shower time, grab your goggles you are going for a swim” and shower time becomes playtime.

3) Award extra play time

If your children chose a shorter shower over a long soak, swap the time saved for extra playtime before bed and you've got a sure-fire showering incentive. Order a free shower timer from your water supplier to keep track of time and show you little one how it works. 

4) Shower with praise

I found that praising my daughter when she had a shower was effective. Now that she has been showering on her own for a while I leave her alone in the bathroom but stay close by so that I can praise her when she comes out of the shower meaning that she associates having a shower with good behaviour.

5) Get a non-slip matt

Having a matt in the shower gives you and your child peace of mind. Knowing that there won’t be any accidents because she has protection under her feet, I feel a lot more at ease (especially now that I’m not in the room with her anymore). It also means you can put some music on for them to a sing and (safely) have a little boogie along to!

6) Set an example

I always shower, I rarely bathe so I encouraged my daughter to 'be like mummy', giving her the maturity and a 'big girl' attitude.

7) Choose their own toiletries

I allowed my daughter to choose her own shampoo and conditioner when we were shopping so she has that grown-up feeling when she showers each night.

8) Reasons to shower

For my daughter, who is 8 going on 18, showering seems like such a chore. Explaining to her that it's a much quicker option than bathing, which frees up time to play, that it will leave her feeling refreshed, and ultimately doesn’t waste water, really helped. 

Hope these simple tips help you create a fun shower environment for your little ones. Good luck! 

- Charlotte

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