Sustainable fashion was googled more times last year than ever before, and more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our wardrobes environmental impact. But how do we do it?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that the most sustainable fashion you can buy is already in your wardrobe; reusing, repairing and falling back in love with the clothes you already have is a rebellious act against the pressure to keep buying.

If you are after something new or different we’ve put together a hitlist for where to get your fashion kicks the sustainable way.

On a budget


Depop is the holy grail of second hand hand fashion. It works a bit like Ebay but the Instagram style set up is much easier to use and you can barter directly with the people selling the clothes on their messaging services. It’s got a great mix of high street, designer and vintage brands and you’ll be safe in the knowledge you are giving an outfit a second life.

Nobody’s child

Sustainable fast fashion might sound like an oxymoron, but beloved by young shoppers across the UK, Nobody’s Child are keeping up with the high street brands at affordable prices while keeping a commitment to sustainability at the heart of what they do. They own their own factories, dye fabrics in the UK and repurpose leftover fabric to stop it from ending up in landfill.

Lucy and Yak

If you don’t follow Lucy and Yak on Instagram you are seriously missing out. The brand started life making dungarees and they haven’t stopped there making everything from trousers to tees at affordable prices. A lot of the fabrics they use are organic and they have some great blogs about the other fabrics they use and why they’ve chosen them, They are working to completely eradicate plastic from their shipping process and most importantly their clothes are built to last.  

Making an Investment


Birdsong began life in 2014 and has grown into one of the most trusted sustainable and ethical names on the scene. They produce small collections of long lasting clothes made by women’s groups and charities in London. This keeps their carbon footprint low and on top of that a lot of the fabrics they use are organic and designed to last. Find out more about the incredible women behind Birdsong and how it got started in this video we made with them last year.

Wear the Walk

A rental service which allows you to rent items for one off occasions or sign up to a subscription service to get a rolling wardrobe of new clothes (like netflix for your wardrobe). The idea being that you get to try a whole load of different looks and experiment with something new without having to buy it reducing the amount of clothes sitting in your wardrobe, and the amount going to landfill. Getting to try designer clothes for a fraction of the price tag and be sustainable, what’s not to love.


Aequem is a bit of a gold mine bringing together lots of different sustainable brands all into one place. They’ve curated a bunch of different brands that meet their ethical and sustainable criteria so you don’t have to hop between sites to find what you’re looking for. There is also a really cohesive brand section where you can have a nose and find out more about all the brands they stock.

Have we missed out your favourite sustainable brand? There are SO MANY MORE we could mention like Reformation, Gather and See, People Tree, Stella McCartney, Matt & Natt...if only we had the time. Comment below with your favorite sustainable brands and the people who give you inspiration.

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