Food is one of our true passions at Hubbub, and over six years we've brought tens of thousands of people together to learn new skills and eat in ways that are kinder to the environment.  

Over recent weeks, however, food has become a huge worry for households across the UK and beyond.  

So how can we continue to inspire people to make the most of their food? By doing what we always do – meeting people where they are, on the things that matter to them most.  

Many of us are used to lunch on the go, eating out regularly and relying on school dinners. But with children off school and much of the working population suddenly housebound, there’s a lot more food to be prepared at home and we’re all having to adapt quickly.  

These top tips should help anyone (like us) trying to balance working at homefamily or flatmates, and three meals a day.  

1) Make it last  

Everyday hero ingredients keep for ages and can be relied upon to elevate everyday dishesand these hacks for storing food will keep all the staples fresh for longer  

If your cupboards and fridge are a bit full at the moment, our batch cooking guide and tips for making full use of your freezer will help avoid food waste, save money, and cut back on time spent in the kitchen.  

2) Make it taste great  

As for those who can’t get enough of the kitchen – we’re asking chefs and foodies across the UK to share their recipes and simple swaps for cooking in these challenging times.  

And yes, we know that a lot of cupboards are stacked with pasta at the moment, so we have five new, easy recipes to get the creative juices flowing, and save you from spaghetti and tomato sauce on repeat. 

 3) Try something new  

Our website is packed to the rafters with recipes, so this is a great time for some grown up home schooling! We’re encouraging everyone to try something new, such as fermenting a kimchi, making  plant based milks or even trying to grow something from scratch. A space as small as a windowsill can make a perfect growing site, and become a real source of joy as well tasty garnishes to make our leftovers sing 

4) Tune in  

And finally, we are looking at new ways to bring people together around food. We’re trying out expert Q&As, a foodie Ask Us Anything session on Instagramdigital gatherings and Facebook Live cooking demosWe really want to hear from you, so please get involved 

We’re already looking forward to going back to business as usual and getting out into communities to talk about food. And we know that we’ll come through this period even more connected, and inspired by all the brilliant things that our friends and followers are doing to stay nourished, share their knowledge and look after each other.   

So for now, stay tuned, stay safe, and let us know what you’re doing to make the most of your food. 

Hubbub also conducted some national polling at the beginning of April 2020 to understand how Covid-19 restrictions are affecting behaviour around food across the UK. Read our summary report of the polling below, State of the Nation’s Plate, here and contact us at [email protected] to learn more.