Parents around Herne Hill are being asked to make a difference this Mother’s Day by gifting their child’s good quality outgrown clothing as ‘Bundles of Joy’ to support local families. The average family spends a whopping £11,000 on clothing per child growing up, and 1/3 of all UK clothing ends up in landfill putting extra pressure on the purse strings and environment. This spring, with the support of Hubbub and Herne Hill Forum, Bundle of Joy will ease the pressure a little by re-distributing clothing to reduce textiles waste and support families in the area.

The campaign launched this morning in the brilliantly lively Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido. We were joined by lots of mums, dads and children who dived into the abundance of storytelling, face painting, colouring and most importantly, gifting of the first bundles to the campaign. It was a fantastic start to the project and it was great to see so many different people in the community come together to celebrate the launch.


From a baby’s first step to their first day at nursery, memories become embedded into the fabric of the clothes kids wear. Throughout the campaign we’ll be celebrating these memories and sharing pictures and stories behind the clothes gifted - keep an eye out for the street gallery that will be popping up along the station underpass!

Get involved and gift your bundle!

Pick up an empty bundle from one of six local businesses including Tales on Moon Lane, Jelly Tots Café, Carnegie Library, White Feather, Brockwell Lido and Duo Dance. Once filled with clothing for children aged 0-6, drop your bundles off at the iconic Brockwell Lido where there is a playful installation waiting to greet you! Don’t forget to take a daffodil as a thank you for your gift.

We’re collecting bundles right up until Mother’s Day so there’s plenty of time to get involved. Got any questions? – click here to find out more and see our FAQ’s.