Confusion is the message I constantly hear about waste reduction and recycling in the UK. Across the country we are faced with a mass of different recycling facilities and a plethora of messages about what can be recycled in each locality. It is little wonder that in England overall recycling rates have become stuck, there are massive local variations and food is still being wasted.

There is a way out of this postcode lottery. Wales and Scotland are demonstrating that with strong national leadership rates can rise and consistency can be achieved.

In the run up to the party conferences, the charity Hubbub in partnership with Unilever is seeking your expert opinion about what role the UK government could be playing to help consumers stop waste - particularly food waste - being landfilled.

Do you think the government needs to do more or can it take a hands-off approach and let the market sort things? Should the commitment to localism be put to one side in order to create national consistency in recycling messaging and facilities? Should they Government provide clarification around confusing use-by date labels on food? Is there a need to ensure children learn kitchen skills to cut food waste? Should more be done centrally to promote the waste hierarchy?

It would be fantastic to hear what you think - tell us here. We will use your input to create a food waste manifesto that will be taken to the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences at fringe events. We are undertaking polling to get the public’s opinion on the role Government might consider following.

At this stage we are seeking your input as an expert in the sector rather than as a company representative and your views will not be made public. If you participate we will share with you the draft manifesto so that you can help us refine the message it contains. It may be that at this stage your company might want to add their name to the manifesto if it agrees with the statements it contains – that is obviously entirely your decision.