Today Hubbub launches the #AirWeShare campaign with new research funded by Investec plc revealing that more than half of parents say they would move house to escape air pollution if they could afford it. Over one in ten parents have already moved to cleaner areas due to concerns over their children’s health and a fifth are actively considering it. A third said that air pollution has been or will be a factor in deciding which school their child attends.

The research demonstrates deep concern about the impact air pollution has on our health. Despite this concern there is a lack of awareness about the steps that can be taken to reduce exposure to poor air quality.

To address this lack of knowledge, Hubbub teamed up with Kings College London to track 10 different Londoners’ exposure to poor air quality. The results highlighted that exposure varies enormously depending upon modes of transport, travel routes, building quality and time of day. Pollution levels were highest in confined spaces such as in vehicles travelling on congested routes. Deep tube lines revealed high pollution levels, as did poorly insulated buildings next to busy roads.

Encouragingly, the monitoring revealed that simple changes to daily routines made a significant difference. Walking or cycling along less busy routes reduced exposure levels by up to 10 times, whilst travelling at quieter times of day made a significant difference. The stories behind the participants can be found on the new #AirWeShare website. 

The launch of the #AirWeShare has been supported by companies including Investec, Bunzl, First Mile, Grosvenor, Kingfisher and Innogy EMobility UK. Their backing has enabled Hubbub to carry out the insight phase. This insight has revealed the significant opportunities that exist for creating a new collaborative approach to improving air quality.

Hubbub is now calling on more companies to join with us to deliver tangible changes that will reduce poor air quality in London, cut carbon emissions, create a greener city and act as an exemplar for other cities to follow.

Hubbub believes that this campaign is timely and essential. We have a growing track-record of delivering transformative collaborative campaigns at scale and hope this will encourage a new coalition of businesses to join with us to improve the #AirWeShare. If you are interested, please email [email protected]