Evidence is mounting about the significant impact poor air quality is having on our health - particularly affecting children and the elderly. Government is facing growing legal pressure to act and many cities are drawing up ambitious plans. There is however very little concerted activity to raise public awareness, to promote on-going behaviour change or to creatively use street architecture to positively engage people. Hubbub aims to fill this void.

Like many environmental challenges, air pollution requires collaborative action from a wide range of organisations. Creating these diverse coalitions is a skill that Hubbub is increasingly acquiring. Our #LeedsByExample campaign has brought together 26 major companies to co-invest in a pioneering high street recycling campaign in Leeds.

Hubbub is seeking to replicate this model to tackle Londoner’s exposure to poor air quality. We do not want to impinge on other campaigns or tread on toes so for the past few months have been working in partnership with PwC to explore whether there is a need and demand for the approach we are planning to take.

This research included bringing over 30 organisations together at an ideation session hosted by PwC. This demonstrated that whilst there are a lot of great individual or one-off activities there is a real need for an on-going awareness and behaviour change campaign in London. This enthusiasm for a collaborative on-going campaign has been repeated in subsequent conversations with other key stakeholders such as Transport for London.

As with all Hubbub campaigns we will kick-off by gaining insight. Day-in-the life air quality monitoring with a cross-section of Londoners will build an understanding of when they are most exposed to poor air quality. This monitoring will enable stories to be collected and help focus activities for the campaign. Wider public polling will paint a broader picture of public understanding.

The delivery phase will be informed by the insight and will be co-created with investor companies and supporting organisations. Based on discussions that have taken place to-date it is likely to include looking at how we can reduce polluting vehicles in the heart of London, build awareness about how people can shift routines to reduce exposure, explore behaviour change campaigns linked to employee well-being, create more community campaigns, explore air quality in offices and develop creative street infrastructure to boost awareness.

An independent evaluation agency will be recruited to measure impact with all results being shared openly to help inform future policies and activities.

We already have a small core of companies behind the campaign, details of which will be announced soon. If you would like more information about how to get involved please get in touch.

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