If we are to feed a growing global population, we will need to eat less meat. While this is not new news, it can be difficult to palate. Anyone who’s seen anti-vegan trolls online will know what I’m talking about, but the truth is it’s pretty difficult for most of us. Well, for me at least.

You see, recently I found myself taking offence at being called a vegan, again. (I know, ridiculous for someone who works for an environmental charity right?) So I decided to take this meaty issue head-on, to understand while having a little fun along the way.

Spoiler alert…

  • You don’t need to turn vegan or go tee-total on meat to make a huge difference
  • Eating less meat is not going to cause anyone’s cock to drop off

Your burning questions answered

But isn’t everyone vegan now anyway?

While recent surveys show that 48% of people in the UK are willing or already committed to cutting down or cutting out meat, over half of the population are not. Globally our meat consumption is set to double by 2050 as increasing numbers emulate the diets of the West.

What does less look like?

Hubbub is calling for a 50% reduction from current levels of meat and dairy consumption in the UK by 2030 and for a transition to ‘better’ meat and dairy. Check out our ‘good meat guide’ to find out what better looks like for you, animal and planet.

We’d encourage you to swap to a healthy diet rich in veg, fruit, nuts and whole grains. Check out our flavour packed, cheap delicious and protein rich low meat recipes.

What’s the issue for men?

60% of men in the UK compared to 25% of women exceed government guidance of no more than 70g of red & processed meat a making them more susceptible to health-related diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease and cancers. At the same time, over a six-year period between 2011 and 2017 we saw a 70% rise in male eating disorders, and body dissatisfaction especially when it comes to muscle mass.