This week, the 18,000 Norwegians living in the UK celebrated “Norway Day”. They sure have something to celebrate - alongside their Scandinavian sisters and brothers in Sweden and Denmark, Norwegians have perfected living greener, happier lives, granting them the title of ‘Happiest Place To Live’.

Keen to know the secrets of Nordic living we've asked Stine, our resident Norwegian, to write this blog. Here are her 7 top tips to help you embrace your inner Scandi and crack the Viking way.

1) Join the cycle of life

A common saying states that Norwegians were born with skies on their feet. If that’s true, then Danes were born with a bike between their legs. Copenhagen is the undisputed capital of biking, with half of the city’s 580,000 residents commuting to work or school via bike. Last year, Copenhagen pushed ahead of Amsterdam in the race to be the most bike-friendly city. Do like the Danes with our vlog on biking more confidently.

2) Grow muscle with mussels

For Norwegians, foraging mussels is a sacred ritual, with prime picking places taken to the grave as family secrets. Mussels are not only delicious and great sources of protein, as farming mussels requires no feed inputs or chemicals they’re one of the most sustainable seafood on the seven seas. This summer, munch on mussels with this recipe from Norwegian celebrity chef Andreas Viestad.

3) LED up your life

Perhaps not a great surprise that a country that’s covered in darkness for 6 months of the year is obsessed with all things candles and lighting. Good thing that IKEA offers a splendid range of LED light bulbs that use less electricity and last for up to 20 years. Why not start the change to LEDs and rechargeable batteries today? It’ll brighten up your home and your budget.

4) Embrace minimalism like the pros

There’s no question that Scandinavians have perfected minimalism, from their wardrobes, to their homes, to their cooking. Give yours(h)elf space this Spring with our top tips for clearing your clutter. Decluttering your home will make you feel as free as after a 6-hour workday. Maybe.

5) Find your Live LAGOM balance

'Lagom' is a Swedish word meaning 'just the right amount', not too much and not too little. It’s also the name of a project we're running in partnership with IKEA, which aims to help people find the right balance, whether that’s food, energy, water or waste. We think this might just be the secret to sustainable living, as it’s what being conscious is really all about. Room by room here’s some tips to striking that Goldilocks balance.

6) Connect with nature like a Nordic

Like their Viking forefathers, Norwegians are nuts about nature. They’re never happier than when hiking in the countryside, climbing mountains, sailing fjords or cross-country skiing. Their love for nature not only translates to their lifestyles, it also translates to their language. In fact, Norway’s indigenous people - the Sami - have at least 180 words for snow and ice, describing every aspect of its size, texture and condition. Norway might be one of the most beautiful, spectacular countries on Earth, but the English countryside isn't far behind so spend the summer exploring it.

7) Love Your Clothes like it was a Bunad

For special occasions such as Norway Day, Norwegians dress up in their national costumes, the Bunad, woollen dresses in regional colours that more often than not have been passed on for generations. This is made possible due to the durable materials and loving care. There’s loads of things you can do to make your clothes last longer, which saves you money too. Find out more here.