New research released today by Hubbub and Mothercare reveals that UK homes are crammed full of 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing. The survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 18 and under found that seven in 10 parents still have baby clothes their children have outgrown, which they say they are unlikely to use again. Over half of parents whose youngest children are now in their teens admitted they are still hanging on to their baby clothing.

In response to these findings, the #GiftABundle campaign is calling on people to de-clutter their homes and pass on outgrown baby clothes to local families. The campaign is part of Hubbub’s on-going ambition to reduce clothing waste by helping people to get the most value from the clothes they buy.

Our survey found that a third of parents said they had thrown baby clothes in the bin because they needed the space or didn’t know what else to do with them. The partnership with retailer Mothercare will make it easier for people to redistribute the clothing to families in their community.

The #GiftABundle campaign is asking parents to gift good quality, outgrown baby clothing to local families who will benefit from them. Over the next four weeks, bundles of six items of good-quality clothing for children up to three years old can be handed in at selected Mothercare stores across the UK. The clothing will then be beautifully wrapped and distributed to other families by community groups.

The research revealed that 93% of parents liked the idea of the baby clothes their children wore going to help a local family who could benefit from them and the partnership with Mothercare will make it easy for them to distribute these precious garments to families nearby.

For more details of participating Mothercare stores, tips for making your children’s clothing last longer and ideas for running your own #GiftABundle campaign, click here.