In May our Neighbourhood Hub will be launched using the latest thinking from around the world to cut litter at one of the busiest streets in London. It is a historic problem. In 1892 Lady Harberton listed all the rubbish that had collected in her trailing skirt on a walk along Piccadilly. Amongst other things it consisted of: 2 cigar ends; a portion of pork pie, 4 toothpicks; 1 slice of cat’s meat; half a sole of a boot; 1 plug of tobacco (chewed) and miscellaneous street refuse.

Now it costs local authorities £1bn a year to keep our streets clean, money that could be far better spent during this time of intense pressure on the public purse. How then can we persuade the public not to drop the six billion cigarette butts found every year in London’s Square Mile or the chewing gum which accounts for around 25% of all litter and is hugely expensive to remove?

Our Neighbourhood Hub is seeking inspiration from other countries. We know that we have to embed a sense of pride in the local area. We know that the communication has to be fun, engaging, challenging and fresh. Examples abound from around the world including the brilliant games created by 'Don’t Mess with Texas' through to the use of fun theory with the world’s deepest bin.

Through extensive discussions with the local community we will find which of these ideas might work in London and then test this theory. We will independently measure impact and openly share findings – both good and bad – helping other organisations create more impactful litter campaigns in the future.

Crucially we will be creating a litter manifesto which will act as a rallying call for all key players providing fresh impetus to stop this irritating and expensive blot on our neighbourhoods.

If you're interested in collaborating on this new hub please get in touch. Together let's put litter in its place.