Despite its rainy reputation, the South East of England receives a lot less rain than you might think – around the same as Melbourne, Australia. Paired with a dense population of high water users, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and population growth, it’s time to rethink our daily water habits whatever the weather.

If we all save a little, Dorking saves a lot.

On average, the people of Dorking use 150 litres of water every day on showering, flushing, cleaning and doing the dishes. Still, 2 in 3 people don’t think they can use less water despite admitting to habits such as leaving the tap on when brushing their teeth. That’s why we’re starting a #TapChat about daily water habits to show people the simple ways to save water, which can save you time and money too.


  • Watch out for the playful ‘some things are better with water’ adverts flowing through the Town Centre including at Dorking Halls, Dorking Sports Centre, and South Street Gardens. Spotted an advert? Share a photo using #TapChat Dorking and tell us where water makes a difference in your daily life.
  • Grab free water saving goodies. Pop by the #TapChat stand at St. Martin’s Walk Shopping Centre on Friday 26th October, 10am – 2pm to pick up free water saving goodies and get personalised tips from the #TapChat team.
  • Follow #TapChat on social media to find simple water saving tips, which can save you time and money too. See how you can save water with the free water savings engine.

Do you work in Dorking or are you a Dorking-based business?

Help spread the word by putting up a campaign poster and joining the #TapChat on social media. Get in touch to find out more and receive your free poster.


Saving water is easy whatever your lifestyle. Click on an icon below to find top tips for using less water when showering, flushing, teeth cleaning or doing the dishes.

Click on an icon below for more tips for showering, teeth cleaning, toilet flushes, laundry and dishwashing.


Shorten your shower. Aim for 4 minutes per day. That’s enough time for a run through Rihanna’s “Under my Umbrella”.


Turn the tap off. Shutting the tap off when cleaning your teeth will save 6 litres per minute. That’s something to smile about.


Use the dual flush. We don't want to spell this out for you, but the little button is for liquid, and the large button is for everything else.


Wait until you have a full load before doing the laundry. Two half loads use more water and energy than one full, so don’t be fooled.


Use a bowl.  Washing-up with a bowl or filling the basin uses 60% less water than leaving the tap running.

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Why do we need to talk about water in autumn?

Even when it’s rainy and grey, we need to use water wisely. The autumn / winter months are crucial for recharging groundwater supplies, and the amount of rain received in October – March determines how much water that’s available when demand spikes in the warmer summer months.

In this video we investigate why saving water is something we should be thinking about all year round, even if it’s raining:

Want to find out more about where water comes from? Dive into the journey of water from raindrop to tap.

#TapChatDorking is a water saving campaign supported by SES Water and Mole Valley District Council. The campaign is part of the wider #TapChat campaign.