As we enter our sixth year, Hubbub recognises the need to redouble our efforts to tackle the climate emergency. The public mood is changing, scientific evidence is ever stronger and companies are realising that business as usual is no longer an option. Given this backdrop we must be more ambitious, more explicit in our aims and more impactful. Here are our five priorities for the year ahead.  We hope others will collaborate with us to deliver them.

Making the Climate Emergency Real

Councils up and down the country are announcing that we face a climate emergency, but what does this mean to our daily lives and local communities? We will be calling on businesses to join with us to create a collaborative campaign in one location which starts to explore this question. We will explore new ways to actively engage people in addressing the climate challenge, measuring impact, sharing results and encouraging replication.

This is a model which has proved successful in transforming High Street recycling where a coalition of 25 funding partners and 29 local partners enabled us to experiment in Leeds and then expand successful activities to Swansea and Edinburgh.

Targeting Frivolous Flying

Recent analysis discovered that 70% of flights are made by 15% of people with over half not flying abroad at all. We will be launching a campaign targeting frivolous flying. True to Hubbub’s ethos this will not be a finger-wagging doomed laden campaign. Instead we will celebrate the amazing country in which we live, highlighting the benefits of avoiding the ever-increasing hassle of flying.

Tackling excessive consumption

Cutting consumption and making the most use of existing resources will reduce carbon emissions. Our aim is to reach 100 Community Fridges across the UK redistributing 600 tonnes of healthy food that would otherwise have been wasted.  We will be launching a new movement tackling the environmental excesses of fast fashion and build on our experiment at Gatwick to increase the desirability of reusable cups, bottles and containers.

Connecting with nature

We sense a growing trend around the concept of re-wilding helping to create a greener country, providing spaces for people to reflect and relax as well as helping soak up carbon emissions. We recognise that for many people living in cities, particularly those facing financial struggles, this is a distant dream. As a consequence, we intend to expand our #GiveItAGrow campaign which in September distributed 10,000 free planting kits to Londoners. We want to extend the reach of this campaign and provide relevant planting kits for people across the UK.

We are also aiming to expand our #LoveWhereYouLive activities which are helping communities transform fly-tipped public spaces to safe areas where people can meet, children can play and communal growing can take place.

Supporting others

Hubbub is not alone in realising the need to considerably scale-up activities and we are delighted to be acting as an advisor for the recently announced £100m Climate Action Fund by The National Lottery Community Fund. This is dedicated to enabling communities to take the lead in tackling climate change.  

The Fund would like to hear from community-led partnerships working on high impact climate action activities, driving real change in their local area and Hubbub has agreed to help make groups aware of this opportunity. Guidance on how to get in touch with the Fund can be found here.Please make sure you have sent your information to them by 5pm on Friday 11 October.