"It's Easier Than You Think” is a brand new series on a mission to gather skills from across the nation, to teach us how easy it is to mend, make and try something new. Tune in for tutorials and hacks to help us all save a bit of cash and live more sustainably.

We're working with our favourite collaborators and makers to find out how to do everything from making your own bird feeder to fixing a kettle! 

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Hubbub Investigates 

Do you want to know more about the environment but not sure where to start? In our other series 'Hubbub Investigates' we get behind the headlines to answer your questions about sustainable living. 

We've been everywhere from water plants and farms to recycling centres and designers studios to find out what sustainability really looks like, and what we can all do to make a difference. On top of that we meet all the people in the know 

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Have you got a skill you always wanted to learn or a burning environmental question that needs investigating?

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