It has been reported in the media that Sainsbury’s has decided to broaden the focus of the Waste less, Save more campaign extending it beyond food waste to address the wider concerns of their customers. This will be done under the ‘Live Well for Less’ banner.

Hubbub has been partnering with Sainsbury’s for two years exploring new ways to help people reduce food waste. We believe that this is a pressing issue as UK households collectively waste £13bn of food each year, over half of which could be avoided.

Hubbub has been proud to partner with Sainsbury’s in the UK’s most in-depth behaviour change study with a single community to test how we can make a difference. The experiment has launched some significant new approaches to reducing food waste including the fast growing Community Fridge Network and the Fab Food education programme. Equally importantly it highlighted less successful approaches such as intensive door-knocking campaigns.

The successful elements of the Swadlincote experiment have been expanded to over 30 new communities who have received investment from Sainsbury’s of just under £1 million. Hubbub is working with these communities to assess the impact of their activities and the full results will be available in August.

Waste less, Save more has demonstrated once again that household food waste is a complex and entrenched issue with multiple causes. There will be no single magic bullet to resolve this, but every 1% saving nationwide represents £130m of food saved.

Hubbub will be using the lessons gathered from Waste less, Save more to inform our ongoing work to drive behaviour change and reduce waste. At the forefront of this will be the Community Fridge Network which will be operating in over 50 communities by the end of the summer.