Since launching five years ago Hubbub has constantly explored how to get complex environmental messages to a mainstream audience in a way that is compelling, accurate and thought-provoking. 

This exploration has resulted in over 2,000 voting bins installed across the world cutting cigarette littering, giant washing machines appearing in London informing people about microfibres and a vlogging channel that has had over 3 million views. The new ‘What on Earth’ podcast provides another way for people to access ideas and information. We have created it for five reasons:

Acknowledging Complexity

How can I eat more sustainably? Which is the greenest form of packaging? And what’s the impact of the fashion industry? Environmental questions like these often have complex answers. It is too easy to jump to knee-jerk reactions, to get involved in polarising, emotional debates or to cherry-pick the arguments you want to hear.  Podcasts give a chance to explore issues in-depth, to listen to experts, to challenge opinions and to look at what is possible.

Providing context

‘What on Earth?’ enables Hubbub to provide a context and more information behind the campaigns that we run. We know that it is important to grab attention through stark headlines, clever social media and pun-heavy tweets, but we also know that many people want to know more. Why is the campaign being run, why is it important, is the evidence reliable and what can I do about it?

The power of stories

Hubbub has constantly sought to bring environmental issues to life through stories.  Gloom laden graphs depicting the climate emergency are important to show the need to act, but they are not necessarily effective in encouraging people to change.  Podcasts give people space to talk about what environmental issues mean to them, the challenges they face and what steps they are taking.

Another channel

The way people are accessing information is becoming increasingly diverse. Whether it is keeping in touch with news stories on Twitter, seeing thought-provoking images on Instagram or following YouTube influencers we know that to be effective we need to make it as easy as possible for people to get information using the channel that works best for them.

It feels Hubbuby

We increasingly hear people telling us that we have a distinctive approach. We can’t quite put our finger on what makes something feel ‘Hubbuby’ but assume it is a mixture of positivity, playfulness, curiosity, bad jokes plus tackling issues that are important and in the moment. We feel that the podcast fits with this approach giving us scope to tell our stories to more people.

You can listen to the first ‘What on Earth’ episode wherever you normally get your podcasts. Please tell us what you think. Like most things we won’t get it right immediately and will want your ideas and suggestions so that it can evolve into something that is useful and enjoyable. Happy listening.