New research* from Hubbub has revealed that over three quarters of people don’t understand what net zero is, whilst just one in five know what actions they can take to reduce their impact on the environment. Concern about climate change is growing – largely due to more extreme weather events – but the public is baffled by the language and confused as to what they can do personally.

To cut through the jargon, Hubbub is launching ‘Make our Move’, a straight-talking social media campaign based around 12 key actions that people can take to tackle climate change.

The campaign builds upon Hubbub’s extensive experience of delivering impactful campaigns. It will:

1) Use simple language

Hubbub’s research found that over a third of people said they would like clearer guidance on what would make a difference and where to start. A quarter wanted better understanding of the impact climate change will have on their life and the people they know.

This confusion is being fuelled by technocratic language with targets being set far into the future, many miles from the daily realities people face. ‘Make our Move’ will seek to cut through the jargon, use everyday language and propose 12 actions that are understandable and immediately actionable.

2) Link climate action with wider social and financial benefits

Hubbub’s most successful campaigns have delivered a wide range of benefits. Our network of over 200 Community Fridges reduces food waste, makes healthy food freely available and builds community connections. Community Calling tackles e-waste and cuts carbon whilst making smartphones and data available to people who are digitally isolated. With energy, fuel and food bills set to rise, Hubbub is convinced that we can help people make decisions that will save money as well as benefit the environment.

3) Be honest

The scale of change needed is vast and responsibility cannot be placed solely on individual action. Government and companies need to step up to make it easy and cost-effective for people to do the right thing. This is currently not the case.

Over half of the 4,000 people Hubbub surveyed felt that the government is not doing enough to reduce climate change. Our campaign will seek to build awareness of the steps that people should expect the government to take.

Hubbub is partnering with companies helping them to make practical and impactful changes. For instance, the 5p charge voluntarily introduced by Starbucks on disposable cups doubled the take-up of reusable cups and has resulted in Hubbub investing over £1 million in new recycling facilities.

4) Promote collective action across society

The research revealed that over half of people feel that those around them are not taking climate change seriously enough. This can be both disheartening and demotivating; the scale of the challenge requires all of us from all sections of society to do our bit.

Hubbub’s campaigns seek to demonstrate the impact of collective action. In Tower Hamlets we have worked closely with community groups seeking to encourage Bangladeshi women to take up cycling. This inclusive campaign has led to a new community Bike Library, removing the barriers that prevent many people from cycling through the provision of free equipment, training and support.

5) Be positive

Yes, the scale of the challenge we face is daunting and the consequences of not acting are alarming but that doesn’t mean that campaigns must be doom ladened.

Hubbub seeks to inject fun, playfulness and a liberal sprinkling of puns into our campaigns. Whether it’s creating the UK’s first disco bin or taking people plastic fishing we believe that people are more likely to act if we can put a smile on their face through activities that are sociable and positive.

COP26 has been held up as a moment when the world must grasp the chance to tackle climate change. Currently there is a danger that it will pass largely unnoticed by a large percentage of the population. Through ‘Make our Move’, Hubbub aims to play our part in helping people to see the relevance and importance of the event by telling stories of people who have taken action and the impact it has made.

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*The polling was undertaken by Censuswide in August 2021 using a nationally representative sample of 4,000 UK residents aged 16+. See results here or the full raw data if you're interested.