Hubbub has joined forces with the Mayor of London to launch a new #GiveItAGrow campaign. The announcement is part of The Mayor of London’s National City Park Festival which will involve events and activities across the city to celebrate London becoming the world’s first National Park City.

#GiveItAGrow is backed by Starbucks, B&Q and IKEA Greenwich. In September, 10,000 free planting kits will be given away helping Londoners to create a green space at home. The kits will be supported with simple growing tips and inspirational ideas. Each #GiveItAGrow kit will contain:

  • Wildlife-friendly crocus bulbs, herbs and wildflower seeds.
  • Organic coir growing bricks.
  • Simple growing tips printed on paper made from recycled coffee cups.

Used coffee grounds will be available at participating Starbucks stores as our recent study shows more than a quarter (26%) of Londoners fertilise their soil with used coffee grounds.

The kits have been designed to work in any space, however small, and to be easy for even planting novices to grow successfully. Londoners can visit to sign up to be the first to hear about the giveaways. As well as the free kits the #GiveItAGrow website is offering Londoners:

  • Tips and ideas for growing at home including videos and advice on growing easy edible plants and attracting wildlife to your garden from expert gardeners Jack Wallington and Kate Bradbury.
  • Suggestions on how to save money and reduce waste by creating homemade plant pots from things you have at home.
  • Ideas about how to spread the joy of growing in your community by giving a plant or hosting a plant swap.
  • Accessible information on the benefits of green urban areas.

Public polling indicates that #GiveItAGrow will strike a chord with Londoners. Three quarters (74%) of those polled think more green spaces would make the city a nicer place to live whilst 60% want to learn more about growing at home and, in particular, which plants are suitable for their space.

As well as brightening up living areas, Londoners also feel that growing plants at home is a way we can all help protect the environment (68%) and a further three quarters (74%) think creating green spaces is important as it helps support London’s bees and butterflies.

Hubbub is delighted to support London becoming the world’s first National Park City. Creating greener spaces within the capital can help address some of the growing environmental pressures that the city faces including poor air quality, the threat of flash flooding and rising urban heat. Increasing the contact and involvement that people have with nature can also improve well-being and levels of physical activity, and sow the seed of greater understanding, respect and care for the environment. #GiveItAGrow is a small step in the right direction and is something on which we aim to build in the years ahead.