A pioneering, collaborative campaign in Manchester will explore new ways to help people and communities from all sections of society to tackle climate change. Hubbub is convinced that strong leadership from large metropolitan cities can have a transformative impact in meeting carbon targets. But we also know that, for many citizens, there is confusion about the steps that they can take, a belief that taking action will be expensive and a concern that it will negatively disrupt their lives.

To overcome these barriers and perceptions, Hubbub is teaming up with Manchester City Council, Manchester Climate Agency and a range of other local partners to investigate how positive and playful campaigns can bring communities together and help residents live more sustainably, supporting Manchester on its journey to be a zero-carbon city by 2038.

To deliver the campaign, Hubbub has received funding from some of the most progressive charitable grant giving bodies in the UK including the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Garfield Weston Foundation, and the Wates Family Enterprise Trust. Further support is being provided by a range of companies including the Co-op, SBF GB&I and Coca Cola GB.

New national polling commissioned by Hubbub highlights the opportunities and challenges faced by the campaign. The polling revealed that more than half of people are very concerned about the impact that climate change will have on their life and their community and 55% would like to see more happening in their local community to tackle climate change.  

Conversely, a third admitted they are unclear on the role they can play as an individual to help address climate change. 37% agreed that they’re not sure their actions make much difference and 43% agreed with the statement that being environmentally conscious is expensive. 

To shift these perceptions Hubbub has undertaken extensive local insight work and is building a wide coalition of partners to help deliver the project. To make climate change relevant to all sections of society we will use this insight to develop campaigns that will help people to save money and live healthier, strengthen local cohesion and enhance the quality of local environments.

These local activities will be informed by the experience that Hubbub has generated through creating and delivering over 60 lifestyle focussed campaigns including the establishment of a network of more than 100 Community Fridges and the recently launched Community Calling campaign reducing e-waste and helping digitally isolated families.

Hubbub’s ambition for the campaign is to scale beyond Manchester. It will be independently evaluated and results will be shared openly. Learnings will be provided to the 290 local councils that have declared a climate emergency and have committed to cutting carbon emissions. Our intention is to help these local authorities fast-track their efforts in a way that provides direct and immediate benefit to communities and households.

During 2021 we will keep you up to date with the campaign developments. We are still seeking more partners to build impact, if you are interested please do email [email protected]