How can we tackle household food waste? On the surface it looks simple, cutting food waste saves money and benefits the environment, surely it is the classic no brainer? But as Hubbub has discovered getting households to change cooking and eating habits is complex.

Research undertaken with NEFF highlighted we are in danger of losing skills and knowledge that help to reduce food waste. As one respondent said: ‘We need to equip people with the basics of making meals out of leftovers’. Many felt it was a generational issue: ‘Those growing up post war understood the value of food – has the modern generation lost this knowledge?’.

#NEFFKitchenLove addresses this skills deficit by bringing communities together through the joy of cooking. With support from NEFF and B&Q two sparkling new community kitchens have been created in Suffolk and Milton Keynes providing opportunities for young and old to share skills, pass on favourite family recipes, build stronger bonds and spark a love of cooking in children. 

The campaign is launching on National Grandparents’ Day as a way for the older generation to share their skills and knowledge with children. Hubbub research with 1,000 grandparents suggests this is a timely intervention. It revealed that half have never cooked with their grandchildren and 47% said they would like to cook more with them. 30% worry that their grandchildren will miss out on feeling the connection with previous generations by following family recipes. 

In addition to providing a state-of-the-art new community facility #NEFFKitchenLove will see grandparents pair up with their grandchildren to take part in a special six-week course. During the course, grandparents will brush up on their own skills whilst their grandchildren will build their knowledge and learn to make some of the community’s favourite recipes but with a modern, healthy spin. To ensure these treasured family recipes are not lost, they will be collated in a digital recipe book available on the NEFF website

Hubbub hopes that by opening these new community kitchens generations will meet up to create meals together and build stronger bonds. Through the cookery lessons and the shared dinners, our aspiration is that children and their families will renew their love of cooking from scratch and eating together as well as get a greater understanding of the benefits of doing this as a family on their health and well-being.

As with all of Hubbub campaigns collaboration has proved essential in creating #NEFFKitchenLove. NEFF has played a leading role as part of their commitment to invest in local communities. B&Q’s support has helped to design the space and supply the kitchens. The involvement of local community groups will ensure that the kitchens become an integral part of community support. The Suffolk kitchen is the first campaign element of the new #FoodSavvy initiative jointly led by Suffolk and Norfolk Councils.

If you would like to get involved with #NEFFKitchenLove why not upload a family favourite recipe to the NEFF recipe portal. The digital recipe book is available for anyone to share much-loved recipes and for those wanting to gain cooking inspiration themselves. Recipes can be submitted to the website by uploading a photo of the dish and detailing its origin and significance. We are also encouraging people to share images of their recipes and cooking across social media using #NEFFKitchenLove.