For the past six months Hubbub has been working with households across the UK to find the simple ways they can live more sustainably, saving money and improving health and wellbeing in the process. Here are five of the key lessons we’ve learnt:

1) Self-sufficiency

Self sufficiency is a popular ambition for households, including growing their own herbs and vegetables, making their own to compost, soaps and household cleaning products.

2) Decluttering – shelf help

An increasing number of people are looking to Tokyo for inspiration from Marie Kondo, leader in the life changing art of tidying up and organising, a new approach to decluttering. Households have taken a fresh look at their belongings and buying patterns with a view to reducing clutter.

3) Smarter cooking

Households are increasingly keen to avoid waste and save money through changing the way they buy, store and cook and store food. Batch cooking - cooking and storing large quantities in advance – is seen as a great way to keep oven usage to a minimum and make the most of use of time. Clever food storage is also popular, such as glass and plastic sealable containers.

4) Brighter thinking

LED lighting – which can use up to 85% less energy than conventional bulbs - is becoming more and more popular as people trust that they offer good quality of light. Rechargeable batteries are also a popular item with households because they save money and avoid use of wasteful batteries which can be toxic when disposed of in landfill.

5) Don’t be draught

The winter months have encouraged thoughts to turn to home insulation and warm bedding. Popular ideas for low cost warmth include throws and covering bare floors, taking the draft from the floorboards or chill from stone flagging. Many households have also cut draughts with blinds, curtains and draft excluder.

Even for those households who already consider themselves to be living sustainably, there are always small but significant things they can do. We’ve learned a huge amount from working with householders and we’ll continue to share these learnings with you as the year unfolds.