On World Environment Day, to launch our new collaboration with M&S and Oxfam we hosted a Shwop at Work event at our office HQ in Somerset House. Spanning across five days we invited fellow tenants to bring in their unwanted clothing, drop it off at our Shwop drop box and as a thank you, each person received a £5 M&S voucher.

We're now asking other businesses to do the same, and across June and July we can support 50 businesses to run their own Shwop at Work event, helping colleagues to extend the life of their clothing while also making a difference.


Shwop at Work is part of M&S’s wider ‘Shwopping’ campaign, headed by the fabulously glamorous Joanna Lumley. Since its launch the campaign has seen over 10 million items of clothes donated, worth an estimated £6.8 million to Oxfam. The total weight of these donations is 9,900 tonnes. That’s the same as 825 double decker buses!

Unfortunately this is just a thread on the amount of clothing that gets thrown away in the UK. A typical UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes, almost a third of which will not have been worn in the last year. Each year we throw away almost 1 million tonnes of textiles.

That’s why, through our fashion hub and initiatives like Shwop at Work, we want to help make it easy for people to extend the life of their clothes. All of the clothing gifted through Shwop at Work is either resold, reused or recycled by Oxfam to raise money for the essential support they provide to people around the world.


Hubbub is no longer working on this campaign. If you're interested in running a shwop at work event please visit the M&S website.