In the 2016 search for a new trend many journalists alighted on 'hygge'. In essence this Danish word means creating a nice, warm atmosphere. Enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. Who can blame us for clinging to this comfortable domestic security blanket when faced with the global madness and unpredictability of 2016.

Just the right amount

As the New Year begins, journalists will be asking ‘what is next?’ Perhaps the answer is 'lagom'. 'Lagom' is a Swedish word meaning just the right amount, not too much and not too little - a Goldilocks balance. Aside from having the obligatory Scandinavian tint, lagom could perfectly sum up the mentality we need to get through 2017.

We are already aware that the lagom concept is one that resonates with UK households. For the past 18 months we have been partnering with IKEA on the 'Live LAGOM' campaign. Working intensively with 250 households and the University of Surrey, we have gained deep insight into what a LAGOM lifestyle means to people.

We have seen a growing awareness of the need to cut food waste, an increased appetite to be more self-sufficient and a desire to have beautifully lit homes without incurring horrific energy bills. More interestingly we have seen a real desire for people to feel that they are part of a wider movement. A chance for them to share ideas, answer questions and be confident that they are not alone as they try new things.

Creating a balance without sliding into debt

We are certain that these core trends will become more prevalent in 2017. Every indication is that the year will see the cost of everyday essentials such as food, fuel and energy increase. With the UK economy predicted to hit choppy waters, coping financially will become challenging for many households. Living in balance will be ever more important. People will want to be able to eat healthily, keep their homes warm and travel without sliding into debt.

Where Hubbub can help

Recognising these trends, we will continue to work on topics that are close to our heart; helping people to save money through reducing food waste, getting more value from their clothes and helping them to use energy efficiently. Our Bright Friday campaign will continue to question the consumer pressures behind Black Friday which contribute to driving people into debt without a corresponding increase in happiness.

We believe that people will also be seeking another sort of balance and that is to feel greater security in their local communities by participating more and connecting with neighbours. This may be wishful thinking but as the wider world becomes harder to comprehend the likelihood is that people will get more involved in activities closer to home, possibly with a hint of nostalgia and tradition.

This is a trend that we are keen to explore. In 2017 we will be developing new ways for people to become more involved in their local community whilst at the same time helping them to save money. We will be extending concepts such as the Community Fridge and our Bundle of Joy campaign at Mother’s Day.

Even more interestingly we will be launching the street that shared; a unique social experiment exploring how much money, space and time households are able to save if they are willing to place greater trust in their neighbours.

It remains to be seen whether the media lands on the term LAGOM as the shorthand for bringing these trends together but we are confident that they will grow and we will continue to take a fresh look as to how we can help them happen more quickly.

We love hearing about your experiences and observations - if you have seen similar trends around lagom, tradition and nostalgia, let us know. Comment below and join the conversation.