Can being playful act as a force for good? Companies increasingly realise that games and interactives are a great way to engage with their customers, building loyalty and sales.

Hubbub instinctively realised that the same techniques could nudge people into changing habits for wider social benefit. 

The answers have literally been on our doorstep. We're based in Somerset House, London, which is becoming a hotbed for new social enterprises. In the depths of the building is a hidden gem called Makerversity. In this cavernous space is a wonderful array of designers and makers all with a huge array of practical skills and an eye for creative solutions.

Working one of these local designers, Commonworks, we have built three simple games and gadgets allowing us to test the impact of this approach.

1) Waste Not Robot

In partnership with Tesco and Love Food Hate Waste, the #ExpressYourShelf campaign helps people use up their leftover food to reduce food waste. With the help of the 'Waste Not Robot', located in Tesco stores, consumers pick their most wasted food item and in return recieve a printed recipe showing them how to turn it into a delicious meal.

2) Voting Ashtray

Noone likes to see butts out on the street. As part of the Neat Streets campaign we installed the voting ashtray outside Embankment tube station- a hot spot for local smokers. Smokers vote on a different sports questions every week using their cigarette butts. Who's the best football player in the world, Ronaldo or Messi? What would you rather watch; The Italian Grand Prix or Tennis US Open?

3) Peppermint Pointillist

The average piece of chewing gum costs 3p to buy and £1.50 to remove. We installed Peppermint Pointillist displays on Villiers Street as part of the Neat Streets campaign to reduce the amount of gum on the streets. People are invited to turn their gum into a piece of art and all gum then goes on to be recycled into things like coffee cups and wellington boots!

More ideas are in the pipeline and will spring up next year. Look out for the Drain Brain which physically shows what happens if you chuck the wrong things down the drain. Please do get in touch if you have a particularly behaviour change challenge that ideas such as these could address.