Baby and children’s clothing is often quick to acquire a special sort of sentimental significance. From an early age memories weave themselves into the fabrics of kids clothes; the fuzzy walrus onesie - a gift on her first birthday, the dinosaur dungarees that he learnt to crawl in, the polka-dot pyjama’s that she insisted on wearing to school complete with fairy wings. 

However it’s not long before dungarees turn into half-mast ankle swingers and rainbow knitted jumpers become woollen belly tops. ‘My you’ve grown’….those words that a visiting aunty can’t but help utter, voicing that which we know is inevitable but yet still every time takes us by surprise, like how we remark on dark evenings drawing in every single winter. 

We know that there’s often a lot of life left in kids outgrown and unwanted clothing; the fabric’s not yet worn and some garments look nearly new. We also know that on average parents end up spending in total a whopping £11,000 on clothing alone per child as they grow. Meanwhile behind the scenes nearly one-third of UK clothing ends up in landfill, losing all value.

This is why Hubbub wants to find creative ways of increasing the lifespan of tots' togs; reducing textile waste whilst helping out parents whose incomes struggle to keep up with their growing kids.

‘From a mother to another’ will be launched by Hubbub on 3rd February 2015, in collaboration with JoJo Maman Bébé and Barnardo's. Over 6 weeks, good quality children’s clothing will be handed-in for re-use at JoJo stores nationwide. People can also pop down to JoJo’s charming touring van which will be stationed at Somerset House for collections all day on the 3rd February. The clothing will then be beautifully gift-wrapped and re-distributed via Banardo’s to disadvantaged families all across the UK as a gift ‘From a mother to another’ for Mother’s Day 2015. 

We will be encouraging mothers to tell the tales of garments being gifted, allowing memories to be passed on and built upon. Perhaps the walrus onesie can be enjoyed again and fulfil its cosy snuggling potential, and the dinosaur dungarees can receive a fresh burst of energy as its new owner roars around the playground.

Let’s put more pennies in mother’s pockets, reduce textiles waste, and give kids clothing a new lease of life this Spring.