With the average East Anglian family wasting £730 of edible food per year, Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils have joined forces with Hubbub to fight food waste in the region. The campaign marks the first time the councils have united on a food initiative of this scale and its ambitious vision puts the region at the forefront of the UK’s efforts to combat food waste.

#FoodSavvy has been built on extensive research undertaken within the area, which demonstrated a real desire amongst households to tackle the problem. Polling of East Anglia residents showed the majority (86%) are worried about food waste and 53% admit they feel guilty when they throw away food. A further 39% say they’d like help reducing the amount they waste.

The polling identified a range of habits that, if changed, could help households save money and cut food waste:

  • More than six in 10 residents don’t plan their meals before shopping.
  • 30% of people don’t look in the fridge before shopping.
  • 31% don’t store potatoes in a cool, dark place, meaning they go off quicker.
  • Many residents don’t realise that popular fridge staples can be frozen. 41% have never frozen milk and 46% didn’t know it’s possible to freeze cheese.

This indicates that there is huge scope for change and #FoodSavvy has a seven-year target of a 20% reduction in food waste by 2025 in line with national ambitions and the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals. Despite the poll findings, Hubbub is under no illusion about the extent of the challenge particularly at a time when food waste levels are rising across the UK.

Previous campaign experience with Waste less, Save more and Community Fridges has
revealed that most households don’t feel they are responsible for food waste and, even when the problem is recognised, it is a complex process to change cooking and eating habits.

This level of understanding has helped to create a long-term campaign with a consistent set of messaging across both counties. A joint strategy has been prepared seeking to work with all sections of the community including businesses, schools, community groups, as well as influencers like chefs, food celebrities, lifestyle bloggers and vloggers.

Business partnerships have already been agreed which will increase cooking skills by building links between old and young. A growing number of Community Fridges will be established across the counties reducing food waste and creating new spaces for people to meet and learn. Seasonal campaigns, which have proved successful across the UK, will be expanded cutting food waste at Halloween, Christmas and in the Summer.

At its heart #FoodSavvy will celebrate the food producing heritage of the area educating the young about the importance of cutting food waste and bringing households together in food waste challenges.

Hubbub hopes the campaign will create greater knowledge about which approaches are successful in cutting food waste. We are excited about working at a strategic level with two progressive councils and are inviting any organisations who wish to test different ways to cut food waste to join with us in our exploration. Get in touch.



Find out more at www.foodsavvy.org.uk