Over the last 2 years IKEA, in partnership with Hubbub and the University of Surrey, has been helping a lucky group of customers to live more sustainably at home via its Live LAGOM project. And over the last 4 weeks we have built on the learnings from the project to offer all IKEA’s customers a taste of Living LAGOM. Throughout June and July, there have been nearly 500 free workshops up and down the UK and Ireland aimed at introducing some of the ideas of living LAGOM to a wider audience. The workshops have taught people how to make a mixed vegetable ferment, great for using up odds and ends of veg that would otherwise have been wasted; how to make a draught excluder and keep your home cosy, while reducing heating bills; and how to grow your own herbs and salad no matter what size space you have in or outside.

The workshops have been run by the Live LAGOM ambassadors at each IKEA store: members of staff who have been supporting the Live LAGOM participants over the last year, and who have themselves been on a huge personal development journey. Before the project, many of them of them were nervous about speaking in public as well as unfamiliar with the topics, and now all are confidently running multiple workshops, imparting information and sharing skills.

We first tested the workshops out during the launch of IKEA’s Order and Collection point in Stratford, in February which featured 15 workshops over 1 week, attended by 177 people. 72% of attendees said they’d definitely make changes to their lifestyle and further 19% would probably change something following the workshop. The success of these workshops gave IKEA the confidence to roll out the workshops across all their stores.

The many hundreds of customers who have attended workshops were invited to join the Live LAGOM online community so they can explore more fully what a LAGOM lifestyle might mean for them. These workshops are just a small taster of the issues that the Live Lagomers have been looking at: anything and everything to do with making home lifestyles better and more sustainable. Discover how you can find your LAGOM balance at home with these starter tips.

IKEA has a bold ambition to inspire millions to live more sustainably, and with these workshops, as well as the reach of all the Lagomers, they are making great strides in the right direction. 

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the cosy home workshop. Interesting ideas on how to save energy and make home feel warm and had fun making draft excluder to take home. Hope you have more events like this in the future.”