On 17th December we will be launching our Fashion Hub at the House of Commons. Hosted by the Prime Minister’s Climate Envoy Greg Barker MP, speakers include former Business Woman of the Year, Laura Tenison, the designer Christopher Raeburn and the journalist Lucy Siegle.

The fashion industry contributes £26 billion to the UK economy and employs around 800,000 people - almost 5% of the total workforce - however it is the third most polluting industry in the world. Our Fashion Hub will help the industry continue to make a positive contribution to the UK economy whilst reducing its’ negative social and environmental impacts.

Consumers can play a huge part in helping the industry change. A typical household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes almost a third of which won’t have been worn in the last year. We will be helping to make it easier for people to extend the life of clothing and redistribute unwanted clothes to those struggling to make ends meet.

Over Mother's Day we will run ‘From a Mother to Another’. Working with retailer JoJo Maman Bebe we will gift high quality baby and children clothing to families supported by the charity Barnados. We will continue to run Refashion Days giving new skills to people helping them to upcycle clothes that would have been discarded. We also plan to tackle head-on the thorny issue of increasing the sustainability of football shirts over 1 million of which are bought every year in the UK.

We passionately believe that new skills are needed by the industry to help it change. Working with the fantastic youth charity Uprising we will help talented young people from diverse and under-represented backgrounds to create new sustainable fashion initiatives in London.

We know that the industry cannot pass all responsibility onto consumers. We will partner with Fashion Revolution to point the spotlight at how companies make the clothes that end up in our high street. We have also created a five point manifesto for the industry highlighting the steps they can take to act more responsible.

It is a huge challenge and we have big ambitions which will be announced at the House of Commons. Please do support us by registering your desire to help. If you are interested in attending the event just get in touch.